Responsible Use Principles & Best Practices

Equipment Requirements

Fluid Requirements

General Principles

  • Contain all refrigerants in tight systems and containers minimizing releases
  • Size equipment to match specific needs
  • Minimize refrigerant amount without sacrificing performance
  • Design, install and operate to optimize energy efficiency
  • Leak test new installations
  • Monitor application performance to minimize operational leaks
  • Minimize the number of fittings through which refrigerant flows
  • Recover, recycle and reclaim where chemical properties allow safety
  • Train personnel in proper chemical handling, leak repair and recovery/ recycling/reclamation
  • Comply with all applicable chemical standards
  • Continue to develop alternatives in all sectors
  • Provide technically feasible insulation products with favorable LCCP
  • Promote technology and processes that provide financially sound societal investments
  • Minimize manufacturing emissions using best available, affordable technology
  • Minimize losses during container filling
  • Ensure worker and community safety
  • Comply with all transportation regulations
  • Design plants and facilities with a goal of zero fugitive emissions
  • Minimize all byproduct formation and emissions cost-effectively
  • Hold management accountable for potential safety, health and environmental impact