The Alliance coordinates industry participation in the development of economically and environmentally beneficial international and domestic atmospheric policies.

By the numbers

The US fluorocarbon using and producing industries contribute more than $158 billion annually in goods and services to the US economy and provide employment to more than 700,000 individuals with an industry-wide payroll of more than $32 billion.

Fluorocarbon producing industries in the US have spent nearly $500 million on research and development of HFC alternatives to date and project an additional $500 million in R&D spending through 2025.

It is estimated that these industries will make capital investment through 2025 of about $1.5 billion in order to manufacture HFC alternatives.

In 1989, the year the Montreal Protocol went into effect, 30 percent of US households had central air-conditioning, a key industry sector. By 2014, this figure increased to 70 percent. Globally, the value of the HVAC market grew from $20 billion in 1989 to $70 billion in 2016.